AirBNB x Homestead Brooklyn

When I tell people that I've lived in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) for over 12 years now, they always say, "Wow. So you've really seen it change!" Within that time frame, Williamsburg has gone from warehouses and artist lofts to high rises and coffee shops. Over that span, the area has really "greened" up too—both inside and out. 

I had always admired some of the pre-existing green spaces in the area—like the community gardens—but since the area has started to "gentrify", new green spaces have emerged; some of these spaces are not always easy to find, and are even often overlooked by the locals.

Ever since launching Homestead Brooklyn in February of this year, I had been looking to take people on urban garden tours in the area, so it was perfect when I found out AirBNB was offering "Experiences". I thought I'd submit an Urban Oasis Garden Tour and got a call back immediately from the AirBNB team. I'm happy to announce that I was selected as one of the first 100 Experiences in NYC and will start the tours as soon as this month!. 

For everyone who has asked to take a tour of my home, this will definitely be one of the stops! To find out more, click here or visit the Workshops section of this site.