Hi, my name is
Summer Rayne Oakes.

I'm an environmental scientist and entomologist by training and have done quite a bit of work in the field, including reclaiming mine sites, restoring forest ecosystems, monitoring stream water quality with aquatic insects, and a host of other fun projects outdoors. Sometimes it's challenging to communicate how these efforts impact us, so in 2005 I moved to Brooklyn to explore how I could apply my environmental knowledge to industries that noticeably impact our everyday lives—from what we wear to what we eat.

Growing up in the country, close to nature and my mother's collection of National Geographic magazines, I had never imagined myself living in the city for so long—but here I am! I think a lot of people are like me—rural transplants in an urban environment, seeking a way to live more sustainably and in sync with nature. Even for those of us who have never stepped barefoot on a blade of grass, there's something inherently in us that is connected to nature—on a much deeper, biological level. 

Me and my trusty ‘sidechick’. Kippee. Photographed for Jejune Magazine.

Me and my trusty ‘sidechick’. Kippee. Photographed for Jejune Magazine.

Homestead Brooklyn is my attempt to help us become more attuned to nature in the city through the simple things: a potted plant, a farmers market apple, or even a walk through the botanical gardens. I have a love for plants (if you can't tell), so I focus on gardening indoors and outdoors, low-waste living, cooking healthy meals (including from what we grow and forage), and traveling with a purpose. 

I'd love for you to follow along and join in on the fun! And if you're curious about more of my work, you can visit my site at and follow me on Instagram, TwitterFacebook, and the Homestead Brooklyn Youtube channel. 🌿

(Oh, and yes, that is my real name.) ♡ 

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