Official Houseplant Tour — Summer 2017

Ever since my very verdant home went viral last year, I have been asked by many to do a proper houseplant home tour. By “proper” I mean something that isn’t 60 seconds long, as I realized from your comments, that real plant aficionados would like to see more plants and learn more gardening tips along the way. As such, I called on the help of filmmaker and editor Ben Bentsman to assist in documenting all six of my rooms, so hopefully this is a bit more comprehensive overview of the Hanging Gardens of Brooklyn.

These videos will be in 7 parts, including this Intro, the Kitchen, the Dining Room, the Bathroom, the Living Room, the Bedroom and the Workroom, so be sure to watch all of them and "like" the YouTube page when you get a chance!

It made sense to split the videos up per room, because as you'll see, some are a bit more detailed—and we still weren't able to capture all of the plants, but hopefully everyone else's imaginations can fill in the rest. I do hope this gives some inspiration for your own homes and lives, and remember: creating an oasis of green may begin in your home, but it shouldn't stop there. Look into your local, regional and global communities, and see how you can bring more beauty onto the earth and in people's lives. 🌿