Houseplant Masterclass launches on Kickstarter

It gives me great joy to announce that I’ve just launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for How to Make a Plant Love You: Houseplant Masterclass, which is an online audio-visual workshop and experience to help you demystify plant care and learn how to have a relationship with your plants. Check it out here, as I would love for you to support the project!

If we're able to raise the funds, I'll plan on launching the Houseplant Masterclass in Fall 2018.

If we're able to raise the funds, I'll plan on launching the Houseplant Masterclass in Fall 2018.

When I launched almost a year ago (we celebrate our 1 year anniversary February 13, 2018!), I didn’t know where it would lead. I just knew that there was a growing interest across the world in styling our lives and homes with plants. One of my core missions in life is to reconnect us back to nature, and if that can be done through something as simple and as beautiful as a houseplant, then that is so worthwhile!

Over the past year I’ve gotten an increasing number of questions via email and social channels about plant care. Some questions are general (i.e., "Should I fertilize in winter?"), whereas others were quite specific (i.e., "What’s wrong with my plant?"). As part of a solution to answer and document questions, I started Plant One On Me. a weekly gardening Q&A YouTube series, which I absolutely love filming and producing. In addition to this, I began doing in-person workshops and events here in New York. I thought it was about time to combine the global reach of an online audio-visual experience together with a personal, hands-on workshop-style class. Plus, there really isn’t much in the way of an all-in-one online class regarding indoor gardening, so that’s how the idea of How to Make a Plant Love You: Houseplant Masterclass was born. This has been nearly 11 months in the making thus far, and we’re looking to raise $35,000 to help make this a reality for a proposed release in the Fall of 2018.

If you’ve loved learning over the past year from this blog and Plant One On Me or my Instagram feed has been keeping you entertained or you're just excited about the prospect of a Houseplant Masterclass, then I’d ask for your support in the project. And pssst, there are also some sweeeeeet rewards as well.

Check out Kickstarter here.